Excellence in Business Communication Wins Textbook Excellence Award from Textbook Academic Authors Association

Excellence in Business Communication, by John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovee, is a winner of the 2018 Textbook & Academic Authors Association’s Textbook Excellence Award, which recognizes excellence in current textbooks and learning materials.

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“They” Pulls Ahead in the Language Game

Our six-year-old neighbor brought his Pokémon card game over for a playdate the other night. As our daughter read aloud the instructions on a card, the grammar caught my attention. Do you notice it too? “Your opponent puts a card…

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British vs. US Spellings

I traveled (travelled?) around the Big Island of Hawaii the last two weeks and found that–even at Volcanoes National Park–I could not escape thinking about writing. This text grabbed my attention on the Sulphur Banks trail: It appeared on this…

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9 Habits of Unsuccessful People

"Bad habits may not seem like a big deal on their own, but sometimes they can seriously drag you down in your life and career."

"Here are the top nine habits of unsuccessful people: . . ."

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Three Decades of Innovation, Helping Instructors Prepare Students for the Contemporary Workplace

Success in any medium depends on the ability to write effectively and efficiently. Learn how ti give your students clear guidance with a proven three-step process that takes the uncertainly and frustration out of every writing project. . .

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The Top Ten Words of the Year As Selected by Merriam-Webster

Here are the top ten words of the year as selected by Merriam-Webster.

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Do You Know the Key Topics That Are Disrupting Business Communication Course Content?

See the content here.

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No Problem . . . and Other Negative Expressions to Avoid

"It is so easy to fall into the habit of using negative expressions, or to say what you aren’t going to do. The problem is people would rather hear positives, and even remember them better. Using positive expressions helps you to be seen as a team player, a problem-solver, a go-to person. So let’s try turning these expressions into something more positive," says Gail Zack Anderson (photo, left).

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Writing for the 21st-Century Reader

"Short, concise messages should no longer be limited to your social media platforms. In an interview with Natasha Nicholson, Jeff Herrington [photo, left] — editor, writer and consultant for Jeff Herrington Communications — tells us that it’s time business communication adapted to the reading habits of 21st-century readers," writes Caroline Cornell.

"From shorter attention spans to vertical mobile devices, Herrington shares why current changes in reading consumption habits can be viewed as revolutionary. Is your writing reaching today’s reader, or is it stuck in the past?"

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