Are You Envious–or Jealous?

Envious? Jealous? Do you use these words interchangeably? Or do you make a distinction between them? Test your understanding by filling in these blanks: I am _______________ of my neighbors’ gorgeous backyard. Rob feels _______________ when he sees Carlos talking…

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Write for David Allen’s 2-Minute Rule

"Allen's books are bestsellers. People pay attention to him, and we writers should too. If your reader cannot handle your message or document easily within two minutes, it is going to be put somewhere "as an option for work to do later." Or ignored. Or deleted."

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25 Business Buzzwords That Irritate Colleagues

"We’ve all used business buzzwords. Many of them are so common that they may have even become part of our daily vocabulary. But what are they actually communicating? The problem with buzzwords is that most are overused, cliched, and unclear.


These words have been used (often misused) so much that they have either lost their meaning or become go-to substitutes when a company or employee has nothing of substance to say."

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An Unimpressive Message From My Dentist

I want the best in dentistry–not business writing–from my dentist. But I’m still disappointed when I receive a pointless, error-filled email like the one below. In it, I have changed the name of the dental practice to “Your Favorite Dentist.”…

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The Explainer: How to Negotiate Nicely Without Being a Pushover

"Don't avoid confrontation."

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Personal, Tangible Greetings: Why and When to Send Them

When is the last time you sent a card or note to a business associate? If it’s that long, read on for a nudge and some inspiration. The Case for Tangible Messages Thousands of unread messages fill my email inbox,…

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Essential Presentation Skills 1: Getting Started

"We all know a skilled presenter when we see one. It’s a person who catches our interest right away and connects with the audience. He gives us the information we need without droning on and putting us to sleep. He’s clear about his purpose, he’s organized, and he answers our questions."

"But most skilled presenters weren’t born with those skills. They learned to be good presenters. And you can learn the same skills in order to inform, persuade, or motivate any audience. . . ."

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Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Books and Whitepapers to Read

Artificial Intelligence technology is rapidly developing. Content on the subject keeps increasing. Here are the top 20 books and whitepapers on artificial intelligence."

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Why the Future of Social Media Will Depend on Artificial Intelligence

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn must use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make sense of the sea of human data coming at them. So, you can say, future of social media really depends upon AI.

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Getting Your Ideas Across in Meetings (Part 2 of 3)

"This Business English Pod lesson is the second of our three-part series on expressing your ideas clearly and tactfully in meetings."

"Last time, we heard four managers – Alison, Stewart, Pat, and Nate – discussing how to reduce travel and transportation benefits. Today we will continue that dialog. The situation becomes a little more heated as the participants express their ideas with more force."

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