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Free to Focus: An Interview with Michael Hyatt

"In this conversation between Michael Hyatt [photo, left] and Get-It-Done Guy, Stever Robbins, Michael offers a wide range of tools to make you more productive, more relaxed, and help you achieve the highest of all goals: freedom."

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We Added New Words to the Dictionary in April 2019

"More than 640 new words, from 'bioabsorbable' to 'bottle episode.'"

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7 Typical Writing Mistakes

"When your job entails putting words together at a breakneck pace, the odds are good that your devious fingers will try to put one over on your brilliant mind. Guest author Shanna Mallon details the seven worst writing mistakes you're probably making right now!"

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Your Customer Service Strategy

"Customer service isn’t simply an expensive, time-consuming obligation. It’s a strategic marketing investment if you want it to be."

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Smart Ways to Handle Snark and Trolls on Social Media

"As a TV meteorologist, Emily Sutton has been on the receiving end of negative comments for a decade. Here’s how she deals with them."

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Don’t Reply to Your Emails

"The case for inbox infinity."

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Top Grammatical Error of 2018 — Do You Avoid It?

"When a newspaper makes the mistake on the front page of the sports section, you know an error has spread. The writer, copyeditor, and proofreader all missed it. Can you recognize it? "

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How to Exit a Conversation Without Being a Jerk

"Kio Stark loves to talk to strangers — but she knows every exchange started is one that must be ended. Here, she shares how to gracefully step away."

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17 Wild Job Titles Companies Are Using to Attract Millennials

"We looked at job postings around the country at companies big and small to find the zestiest job titles. Here are the 17 most unusual openings, and what each role actually does."

Image credit – Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr

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Head for the Door If You Spot These Red Flags During a Job Interview

"Ever get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach during a job interview? Ever see two interviewers swivel their heads toward one another, lock eyes and pause before answering your question?"

"If you're the kind of person who wants to know the other side of the story, here's a way to interpret some interview clues that could foretell a dismal future job experience.

"For starters, check out . . ."

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