Stranger Things Star Aimee Mullins Has Done a Decade of Inspiring Ted Talks — Her Tips Will Help Anyone Be a Better Public Speaker

Business Insider's Julie Bort interviews Aimee Mullins (photo, left) for tips on better public speaking.

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Charts Change Hearts and Minds More Than Words Do

Christopher Ingraham (photo, left) reports on the topic at

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FAQs on the Rules of Business Writing

"In offices around the world, writers spend time and energy disputing business writing standards. One person says, “You can’t start a sentence with but or and!” Another responds, “But why not? And who says?” If you are quarreling about such questions (if only with yourself), take a break. Here are the answers to a variety of troublesome frequently asked questions (FAQs)."

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What Did You Say? 4 Tips for Understanding Accents at Work

"Living and working abroad, or even just working on a diverse team with international colleagues, can be exciting—new cultures, languages, and ways of expression are all around you."

"But, it can also be difficult, especially when you don’t understand the conversation. Even if you’re technically speaking the same language, working with people who have dialects or accents you’re not used to can be a very difficult feat."

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10 Free Infographic Templates for Your Design Projects

"An infographic allows freelancers, businesses and all sorts of organizations to portray information in a visual, easily digestible manner. Think of an infographic as similar to a PowerPoint presentation. They’re far easier to understand than a written brief or a database full of information. What’s great is that many of the free infographic templates available today are provided in PowerPoint format."

"You’ll also find some excellent infographic templates that are usable in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other programs. Overall, your best bet is to locate the infographic templates that make the most sense for your industry, company and the software you use to build the infographics."

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12 Phrases That Will Make Your Audience Put Down Their Cell Phones and Pay Attention to You

"No matter how topical, relevant or pressing your content is, you're often fighting an uphill battle for the audience's attention. Whether their distractions are an internal monologue ("And just where am I supposed to find the time to teach the new guy how to use our Learning Management System? At midnight? Five in the morning?") or an external dialogue ("Those two sitting in the back row will not stop chatting, and I cannot concentrate!"), they need you as the speaker to help catch — and keep — their focus."

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The Bezos Method of Handling Criticism Is a Good One That Everyone Should Follow

"Bezos says that there are two kinds of critics, and that the key is always to 'look in a mirror and decide, are your critics right? If they're right, change. Don't resist.'"

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Literally – Just a Filler Word

"If there were Survivor for words, I’d vote off 'literally.'"

"It’s inserted into sentences for no real reason.

"Consider:. . ."

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Jeff Bezos and the Perfect Memo

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has some tips on crafting the perfect memo, which he broke down in his annual letter to shareholders."

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If You Say This During an Apology, You’re Doing It Wrong

"The difference between a sincere apology and cheap one has a lot to do with how it’s phrased. Word to the wise: If you say “sorry” and then immediately follow it with a conditional word like “but” or “if,” you’re headed in the wrong direction."

"We asked therapists to share the phrases you should avoid when trying to apologize to a friend, family member, significant other or pretty much anyone, for that matter. Here’s what they had to say. "

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