Don’t Reply to Your Emails

"The case for inbox infinity."

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Top Grammatical Error of 2018 — Do You Avoid It?

"When a newspaper makes the mistake on the front page of the sports section, you know an error has spread. The writer, copyeditor, and proofreader all missed it. Can you recognize it? "

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How to Exit a Conversation Without Being a Jerk

"Kio Stark loves to talk to strangers — but she knows every exchange started is one that must be ended. Here, she shares how to gracefully step away."

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17 Wild Job Titles Companies Are Using to Attract Millennials

"We looked at job postings around the country at companies big and small to find the zestiest job titles. Here are the 17 most unusual openings, and what each role actually does."

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Head for the Door If You Spot These Red Flags During a Job Interview

"Ever get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach during a job interview? Ever see two interviewers swivel their heads toward one another, lock eyes and pause before answering your question?"

"If you're the kind of person who wants to know the other side of the story, here's a way to interpret some interview clues that could foretell a dismal future job experience.

"For starters, check out . . ."

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5 Words That Don’t Mean What They Used to Mean

Linguist John McWhorter "traces the evolution of five words that have spent millennia drifting from one meaning into another."

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Write for David Allen’s 2-Minute Rule

"Allen's books are bestsellers. People pay attention to him, and we writers should too. If your reader cannot handle your message or document easily within two minutes, it is going to be put somewhere "as an option for work to do later." Or ignored. Or deleted."

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Types of Listening Skills with Examples

"Employers will look for you to demonstrate listening skills during job interviews. Discover why good listening skills are vital in the workplace. Plus, see how to build this skill — along with bad habits to avoid."

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7 Tips for Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

"No matter how much we try to work with others and get along, the time comes when we can’t agree. It might be with a co-worker, a customer, or a boss. You don’t want to get into an argument. You don’t want to appear disagreeable. Yet, you can’t just go along. Difficult times call for difficult conversations," writes Joel Garfinkle (photo, left) in a piece at

"Here are seven ways to help you look reasonable, interested and supportive, even as you disagree."

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Are You Rambling at Work?

"Maybe someone told you that you need to be more succinct when you speak. Don’t feel bad–science is to blame. Humans are programmed by evolution to be chatty; we use verbal communication to survive. But some of us are more talkative than others, and there’s hardly a clear-cut, universal definition for what constitutes excessive chatter in which situations. To help you figure out whether you’re your office rambler, it helps to unpack some of the most common motivations for talking a lot at work. Here’s when and why you might be overdoing it–and what to do instead."

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