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Jeff Bezos and the Perfect Memo

"Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has some tips on crafting the perfect memo, which he broke down in his annual letter to shareholders."

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44 Everyday Phrases You Might Not Know You’ve Been Saying Incorrectly

For example: Saying it wrong: “Suppository of information.” Doing it right: “Repository of information”

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Nine Words and Phrases People Think Are Wrong–But Are Actually Correct

Nine words and phrases people think are wrong, but are actually correct

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How to Edit, Fix, and Polish

Imagine this scenario: Your supervisor emails you with a message that says “Please edit the attachment.” Or perhaps the instruction is “Fix the attached” or “Please give this piece some polish.” What does it mean to edit, fix, or polish…

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Top 11 Uses and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Here are 11 unique applications of artificial intelligence in distinct aspects of business. We interviewed business experts who have successfully implemented AI.

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If You Say This During an Apology, You’re Doing It Wrong

"The difference between a sincere apology and cheap one has a lot to do with how it’s phrased. Word to the wise: If you say “sorry” and then immediately follow it with a conditional word like “but” or “if,” you’re headed in the wrong direction."

"We asked therapists to share the phrases you should avoid when trying to apologize to a friend, family member, significant other or pretty much anyone, for that matter. Here’s what they had to say. "

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2 Forces for Shaping Conversation and Building Relationships

"With the complexity of our changing world, the speed with which decisions are made, and the overwhelming choices available, today’s leader needs to fully understand the invisible forces that shape conversation and build relationships: Intention and alignment."

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T-F Test on Formatting Business Letters and Emails

The standards of writing change. What was once correct in business messages now comes across as old-fashioned–or does it? Take this true-false test to check your knowledge of basic formatting standards for business letters and emails. Note: The questions and…

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How to Form Great Habits Using Triggers

"Forming habits is hard. But attaching a trigger to your habit can make it stick much more easily."

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Recommended Book: Unleash the Power of Storytelling

I expect a book on communication—which is what storytelling is—to teach me something new or remind me of truths I had better not forget. Rob Biesenbach’s Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results surpassed my expectations,…

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