English Grammar 101: All You Need to Know

“Understanding the basic grammar rules is essential for communicating efficiently, but most of us have forgotten those concepts years ago.


“In order to solve this problem we decided to put together all the basic rules on a single page, so that you can use it as a refresher, or print it out for future reference.”

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44 Everyday Phrases You Might Not Know You’ve Been Saying Incorrectly

For example: Saying it wrong: “Suppository of information.” Doing it right: “Repository of information”

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Nine Words and Phrases People Think Are Wrong–But Are Actually Correct

Nine words and phrases people think are wrong, but are actually correct

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Top 11 Uses and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Here are 11 unique applications of artificial intelligence in distinct aspects of business. We interviewed business experts who have successfully implemented AI.

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Excellence in Business Communication Wins Textbook Excellence Award from Textbook Academic Authors Association

Excellence in Business Communication, by John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovee, is a winner of the 2018 Textbook & Academic Authors Association’s Textbook Excellence Award, which recognizes excellence in current textbooks and learning materials.

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Three Decades of Innovation, Helping Instructors Prepare Students for the Contemporary Workplace

Success in any medium depends on the ability to write effectively and efficiently. Learn how ti give your students clear guidance with a proven three-step process that takes the uncertainly and frustration out of every writing project. . .

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Do You Know the Key Topics That Are Disrupting Business Communication Course Content?

See the content here.

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20 Words That You’re Probably Using Incorrectly

While definitions have been known to shift based on the way a word is commonly used, some popular uses are just plain wrong.

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27 Ways the Business Communication Course Can Help Your Students

In your class you’ll probably be emphasizing the long-term value of the business communication course to your students. Here’s our list of 27 ways communication skills can help students in their personal and professional lives.

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