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How to Pronounce the L Sound in American English Part 1 | The Light L Sound | L vs R

"In this American English pronunciation lesson you will learn all about the pronunciation of L at the beginning of words and syllables (the Light L sound) and you will learn how to distinguish L vs R."

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Augmented Writing, Cognitive Automation, Text Mining, and Augmented Ability Apps

Augmented writing, cognitive automation, text mining, augmented ability apps–capabilities that were once the stuff of science fiction are becoming everyday business tools. Get your students ready for with Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition.

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Your Students Don’t Need to Wait to Graduate to Apply Their New Communication Skills

Your students don’t need to wait until graduation to start applying their new communication skills. With Excellence in Business Communication’s unique Apply Your Skills Now feature, they’ll learn how to use their new skills in a variety of academic and personal scenarios.

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17 Proofreading Techniques for Business Communication

Finally. Your document is just about complete. It’s been written, reviewed, compiled and re-reviewed. With the final edits in place, it’s now ready to be proofread. This article covers our favorite 17 proofreading techniques to help you eliminate mistakes.

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The Only Text That Covers Intelligent Communication Technology

Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition (Pearson)

Thill and Bovee’s Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition, (published by Pearson) is now available for your examination. In it you’ll find
* more value than ever with new student-focused features, and
* double the coverage of interpersonal communication.
The Only Text That Covers Intelligent Communication Technology
A new, four-page magazine-style feature, "Empowering Communicators with Intelligent Communication Technology," shows 15 applications of artificial intelligence and smart technology. Highlight boxes take a close look at these innovations:
* Taskbots and virtual teammates
* Real-time voice translation
* Automated storytelling
* Augmented writing tools
* Chatbots
* Text mining
* Resume bots
* AI-assisted recruiting and interviewing
* Blind auditions
See how this book’s topic coverage compares to the competition.


See how this book’s features compare to the competition.

To order an examination copy, send an email to List your full name and the college at which you teach.

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Over Their Heads and Far From Their Comprehension

Marcia Yudkin’s excellent “Marketing Minute” arrived in my inbox today. It included an important reminder about jargon. Marcia gave me permission to share this guest post with you. ********************************************************* Over Their Heads and Far From Their Comprehension By Marcia Yudkin…

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Cuba Is Complicated, But Writing Should Not Be

Cuba is complicated. That’s what our guides told us when we asked questions about how things work in the country: Es complicado. Salaries, food, ownership, restoration, politics, global relationships–Todo es complicado. But writing about Cuba should not be complicated. Writers…

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Your Customer Service Strategy

"Customer service isn’t simply an expensive, time-consuming obligation. It’s a strategic marketing investment if you want it to be."

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Smart Ways to Handle Snark and Trolls on Social Media

"As a TV meteorologist, Emily Sutton has been on the receiving end of negative comments for a decade. Here’s how she deals with them."

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Five Ways to Clear Up Fuzzy Writing

When writing is fuzzy, perfectly clear ideas come across as vague, illogical, or ambiguous. Don’t let fuzzy writing undermine your brilliant ideas! Great ideas deserve clear expression. Avoid the five don’ts below to communicate clearly with your audience. 1. Don’t…

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